Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Birthday Fit for a Princess

Happy Birthday Emily! So, this has been a long time in the making. This party was supposed to happen last Saturday, and she woke up on Friday throwing up. Lovely! How do you cancel a birthday party? Luckily, Emily does not have a real concept of time, so it was not too hard to put her off. I am SO glad we did! She was in princess heaven.

I feel like I say this all the time, but I really mean it when I say I have AMAZING friends. This birthday party would not have happened if it were not for my good friend Leslie. I will have to do a whole post about her sometime. She wanted nothing more than to give my daughter the birthday of her dreams and she did just that! She told me all of her ideas, I added a couple of mine, and she just made the magic happen. We were up til midnight last night decorating and I felt like it was prom. We had a beautiful ballroom for Emily when she woke up.

Emily always talks about "Belle's beautiful yellow dress" so that was one of her surprises. I LOVE the hoop that makes the dress puff out at the bottom. I really think Emily looked like a princess.

Leslie made the most incredible castle cake I have ever seen. I am sure you will all agree. The only problem was that Emily could not stay away from it!

So, we invited 10 little girls and 5 little boys and told them to dress in their finest. So cute! They decorated tiaras for the girls and swords for the boys. Leslie made sashes for each of the girls with their names written in Old English lettering in glitter. They loved seeing their names! Perfect!

We painted their nails and put glitter in their hair with the help of 3 of my favorite girls. (Thanks to all of you!!)

Then they danced at the ball with the bubble machine going.

(Another great friend story. I know, I am lucky! I was at Suzie Petunia's house the other day, and I said, "Can I use your curtains?" So, that is where the beautiful backdrop for the ballroom came from. Thanks!!)

It is not a 3 year old birthday party without one potty accident, so other than that, it was just as Emily could have imagined it.

She had so much fun opening each and every princess gift and Jeff and I enjoyed peace while we cleaned up as she played with her presents for the next 2 hours. (Have I said how much I love my new floors? This was such an easy cleanup. Thanks again, Jeff!)

I was tired, so we went to Red Robin for dinner. Emily kept her Belle dress on and it was fun to see everyone's responses to her. She LOVED having them tell her she was beautiful.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the entrance to my house was a castle? Yep, Leslie, you are "awesome!"

Did I also forget to mention that I had to look the part also? Jeff did too, but lucky guy, the pics of him are on my other good friend's camera. (Thanks Marie for being willing to take all the pics so I could enjoy the party!) He looked smokin' hot if I do say so myself.

Wow, what a day.

I can't believe she is 3 already. She has been so much fun and so different from her brother.

Things I love about Emily:

1. She always gives me kisses.
2. She likes to read books. (About princesses.)
3. She carries her princesses everywhere.
4. She loves to make Bryce smile.
5. She is very giggly.
6. She is rough and tumble and girly all at the same time.
7. She is very sensitive and will say sorry if she ever thinks I am upset with her.
8. She adores her dad.
9. She likes to watch superheroes with her brother.
10. She has beautiful big brown eyes.


katie said...

How fun. I love a good birthday "princess bash". You look beautiful as well.

I can't believe she is three, weren't you just trying to get pregnant with her. That means that I really have been gone for three years (crazy).

cherl said...

Wow! It's a perfect birthday party totally fit for a little 3yo princess. I loved that she continued to wear her princess dress out to dinner. What fun little girls are!