Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Things That Make Me Happy

I have a lot to be grateful for today:

1. My new camera(bought it on sale-yeah!)
2. No more sick kids.
3. A new toy that is played with for hours. (building and rebuilding the track in many different ways.)

4. A feisty little princess. Some of my recent favorites of Emily's:

"I don't want to go to bed. I went to bed yesterday."
"I can't say prayer, I'm eating."
5. A baby who is sleeping through the night in his own bed again-yeah!
6. A husband who feels appreciated where he works.
7. Flowers- just because from said sweet husband.

Despite the blahness from last week- life is good!

I am not able to upload pics right now. I will add them later.


Suzie Petunia said...

Emily is hilarious! I can't wait to see how your new camera works out.

Suzie Petunia said...

I still haven't posted on my blog. But I thought I'd psyche you out one more time. :) Ha ha

cherl said...

Your daughter is funny! I love how these little minds work. They always keep us guessing, don't they??

My kids are sick this week. Ugh.

cherl said...

One more...
I can't remember the last time I received flowers from my husband. Lucky you!