Monday, October 08, 2007

Weekend Getaway-with a marathon thrown in!

Thanks to a great friend, I have a camera to use until my new one comes in. (Thanks Carrie) So, here is a cute pic of Bryce and his toes.

This weekend has been in the works since I was 6 months pregnant and agreed to run a marathon less than 5 months after having a baby. I should never be held accountable for a decision I make when I am pregnant. In fact, I should never make a decision when I am pregnant. :-) So, we found out in May that we were selected by a lottery process to run the St. George Marathon. (Isn't it crazy that people are actually TURNED AWAY from running a marathon?!) Anyway, I didn't really think about it until after I had the baby. I refused to commit until I knew that:

a. My baby sleeps through the night.
b. My baby takes a bottle.
c. My body remembers how to run.
d. My body remembers how to run long distances.

When all those things were in place (about a month before the marathon) I bit the bullet and bought tickets for Jeff and I. The only glitch was that I would be gone over Emily's birthday(the only FULL day we were gone), and , oh yeah, that I would have to run a marathon. Also, about 2 weeks before the marathon, Bryce conveniently decided to stop taking a bottle. Just to complicate things!

There was a whole group heading out there. We met on Saturdays to run (well, we met and then I ran by myself) and everyone was pretty pumped to run. Jeff and I went to Vegas on Thursday night and stayed with my great friend, Laura. It was the best sleep I have had (even after staying up til 1am chatting.) I ended up leaving something in her car, so Friday started out a little hectic, but once we met up with the group it was better. We rented a 15 passenger van and headed to Vegas. (Unfortunately Suzie Petunia and her hubby weren't with us yet because their daughter was sick. :-(

We showed up at a beautiful 5,000 square foot house in St. George. Jeff and I were lucky enough to land the master bedroom. (Thanks Bryce!) We headed to pick up our packets and all of a sudden it felt real. We had an awesome carb-loading dinner made for us by the brother of one of the runners. (He is also the one who lives in the house. Thanks Jason!) We went to bed somewhat early, but then Bryce decided not to sleep well. Eventually we had a little bit of sleep and then Saturday morning around 4am we were headed to the race. For the full report, go to my marathon mommies site.

After the run, I talked with Ellen for a little bit and then we headed out to lunch. We then headed back to Vegas where I was able to spend more time with Laura and meet her nice boyfriend, James. What a quick, lovely trip!

I missed my kids, but they were well taken care of. Thanks Heather and Steph. Heather made sure that Emily had a great day on her actual birthday and we will celebrate it "princess" style on Saturday. Now I just want to sleep...


katie said...

So I still need to read your post, but before I do I have to say, shout, Yell, YOU ROCK!!!!! Seriously, I want to be like you. You have taught me some major life lessons with your running, your talking, your doing. Thanks for the push I need in life.

Hey, and you are better than you thing you are in everything you do.

Ang said...

Thank you so much for the invitation to join Marathon Mommy!! I'm so flattered. I don't feel worthy to be part of the blog though as I am only a half marathon mommy at this point in time. :) My sister in law Jana-Team Hanni- feels like that too. We feel like until we are signed up to run a marathon, we shouldn't be on the blog. Oh how we love reading the blog!! I have lots of running questions. Do you think I could email you? My email is Thanks. You're awesome!

Suzie Petunia said...

Your weekend sounds a lot more care-free than mine was! Are you sure we did the same thing?