Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Princess is 4!

Emily's birthday was today and we had a great day with her. She woke up to a new Princess vanity. (Although if you call it that, she will tell you it's not, it is a "mirror thing.") One of the things I love most about Emily is how excited she gets. You can hear it in her voice, and she starts using her hands, and if she is really excited she will jump up and down as she is talking to you. She loves to talk and has a hard time sitting still. (Wonder where she gets that from?) She still loves all things Princess, but this year Sleeping Beauty is her favorite. She had fun putting on her makeup in front of the mirror. I am hoping she will let me do her hair more now that she has a mirror to watch. We had a couple of friends over to sing Happy Birthday and she opened a few gifts. Her eyes got wider with each one. It was precious. Here are 4 of my favorite things about Emily:

1. She is so sweet. She loves to give me hugs and kisses and tell me she loves me just because.
2. She says things backwards. I think it is so cute, and some of her phrases are sounding correct now, but I love when she pronounces things wrong.
3. She is feisty! I don't always love this part of her personality, but I hope I can steer it in the right direction so she will be a strong girl who sticks to her values.
4. She has a great imagination. I never really played "pretend" and I love hearing her tell stories to her princesses. I try to sneak in when she is playing by herself or with friends.

I hope I show her how much I love her even when I get frustrated.

We even had time to play some guitar hero! It was a fun night with friends.(And look who will be fighting Emily for the mirror thing!)

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