Monday, November 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily

Emily's birthday fell on a Monday- the day we signed with our renters and the beginning of craziness! I hope she felt loved and adored! On her birthday, we went to our traditional birthday restaurant, Red Robin. She wanted to invite our adopted grandma, Sister Delong. I love seeing Emily with her. She is so sweet.

My mom came into town on Thursday, so I scheduled Emily's birthday on Friday so she could share it with us! Since we were packing and all that fun stuff, I opted for a no-stress birthday parted. She invited 14 friends and we went to Pump it Up!

It was a blast and even Jeff had a great time.

I am truly enjoying Emily and the sweet, sassy young lady that she is. I am glad that she missed the school cutoff so I can have this extra year with her. She is a bright girl who is very inquisitive. She asks a lot of questions and actually wants to know the answers. :-) She is learning to control her excitement and wait her turn in class. My favorite story this year was when she was dropped off at a friend's house a few minutes before I got there. She already had her homework out. I praised my friend for getting Emily to start her homework. I was informed that it was Emily's idea to do homework before watching T.V. I was so impressed and proud of my little girl!! I am trying to show her a lot of affection and appreciation. The hardest part is when I see some of my own weaknesses in her. I try to be patient and just love her!

She loves music, dancing, and anything a teenager would love! Happy 6th Birthday Emily!!


Suzie Petunia said...

That darling girl is lucky to have so many of her mom's outstanding qualities. She will be a remarkable woman one day!

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