Friday, November 26, 2010

Thankful for Mom Moments

I have pictures I need to upload, but left my camera at the house of our wonderful Thanksgiving feast!! We spent Thanksgiving with 2 wonderful families! The kids got along well, with only a few minor scuffles and we enjoyed fantastic food (too much!) and games. I will write more, but today I wanted to attempt to capture a moment.

Last night, we gained 2 extra kids, so we had to shuffle rooms a little. Emily was bummed to find out she was kicked out of her room and would be sleeping with Natalie (the 2 year old girl.) I put Natalie down first and Emily stayed up with me reading books. It was just me and her and I read her a couple of books. Then she picked one that she could try reading. I watched her face as she concentrated on each letter of each word. I watched her as her eyes glanced around the page, searching for clues as to what the word might be. She was able to read almost the whole big and I could see the pride in her eyes. Reading has not come as easy to her as it did to Dallin, and I have worked really hard to not compare them and to work with her in her time and interest. It has been amazing to watch her blossom in kindergarten, with the help of an incredible teacher. I was so glad that Emily missed the cutoff last year and I feel I gained an extra year with my sweet girl. I also am glad that Oregon doesn't pay for all-day kindergarten so that I get her before Dallin comes home so we can do homework together. I am treasuring these moments with her. I hope she knows how much I love her and how grateful I am to be her mother. She is a bright, funny, silly, beautiful little girl and I love watching her learn and grow.

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the emily said...

I love those sweet moments! My oldest is a little behind in reading as well and I love when he works it out and reads to me. So sweet.