Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy Brithday, Emily

(It is time to do some catchup!)
Emily turned 5 on October 5th- her golden birthday! Dallin and I heart attacked her to surprise her when she woke up. We had her favorite breakfast- pancakes and her favorite dinner- egg burritos!

She was pretty excited to have preschool on her birthday and her good friend, Amelia, shares the same birthday!

She received a gift from a neighbor boy that she has a crush on.

The only thing she wanted on her birthday was to go on the boat. It was cold and got dark very quickly, but the kids had a great time. (Okay, so the moms did too- sorry Jeff didn't get a chance to ski!) This boat trip was with our next door neighbors and good friends. We are glad they joined us!

We were focusing on the family this year instead of a big friend party. Her big present was to go to Disney on Ice with the whole family. She was in heaven!

So many things that I love about Emily, but mostly I love her big heart. She never wants to see you upset, and is always offering to give part of what she has been given. She is a spunky girl with many, many questions. I hope she is always so inquisitive. She loves to make up songs and dance through the house. She is a sparkle in my life. I love you, Emmers!

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Jadie said...

She looks so darling in her pink dress! Disney on Ice in a pretty pink dress--girl heaven!