Tuesday, November 03, 2009

When I grow up...

...I still want to be a mother! That will always be my number 1 priority, however it is fun to think about going back to school. Yes, I am a school nerd. Most of you already know that about me. I call myself the self-help guru. I love learning new things and trying to become a better me. If there was a class on how to be the fastest housecleaner I would take it because that is what I want to learn right now.

Here are some ideas for the future (still looking toward that next stage!)

a. Registered Dietician- The chemistry behind the food and how it works in your body fascinates me. Once I truly learn it, I won't have any issues, right?!
b. Exercise physiology- big shocker!
c. Sports Marketing
d. Piano
e. Vocal lessons (please don't laugh at that one- I have always wanted to learn to sing, but I am still afraid of being told there is no hope for me.)
f. Ballet
g. Pharmacy- I found out my senior year of college how much I loved biochemistry. It was a little too late to switch majors. I would love to go to pharmacy school. No blood- ha ha!

So, there you have it, a couple of my dream classes and majors. What are some of yours?


Brittany said...

Kelly what a great post! I love learning new things about my friends. I can totally see you doing those things. You are so good at setting goals and achieving them! :)
We might be heading to Oregon for Christmas. I know it's a busy time of year, but maybe we can meet up for a run or lunch? :)

Chelle said...

Kelly, you will be AWESOME at whatever you choose (I'm a school nerd, too -- I love it!) I've actually started thinking about the how/when/where of going back to school for my master's degree. Either social work or school counseling. But I'm quickly finding out that all the "free time" I thought I'd have with kids in school during the day goes REALLY fast. That's the great thing about having kids young though -- there is plenty of time for all of it--we're so young! : ) Love you!

LCM said...

I think I would like to be a history professor, I am a big nerd too. I have to say that it's pretty tempting to go to Medical school since we have the large medical complex in the world, in our backyard.

Kristin said...

Photography, painting, history classes, and to be able to go to the gym for as long as I want since the kids are in school and happy and not crying to be taken home already. I'm talking about 3-4 hours, it sounds so wonderful to me.

bedelia said...

I want to talk a clothing design class. And culinary school would be pretty cool...but really, I'm not a school person. Its a miracle I graduated.

Mel said...

National Blog posting Month? What a great idea. I am so glad to hear that you think about things like this too. I always have a twinge of guilt when I think about doing more schooling, going back to work, or getting more certifications. I love being a mom, and that is my number one job right now, but that doesn't turn off the side of my brain that keeps thinking about what to do "next".

amydear said...

I'm planning on art history, geology, and film classes. My husband is a professor, so I think I can attend for free! I'm also planning on attempting to dance again sometime in my life. I'm glad to have other aspirations. When do we get to start?