Sunday, November 01, 2009

NaBloPoMo(or in other words you will get a post from me every day)

This will be the third year I have participated in National Blog Posting Month. The first year I did it, it helped me through the most difficult time of my life. Last year, it helped me remember my goals and the legacy I want to leave. This year, my focus is my family. I am going to spend some time every day working on my digital scrapbook. I will use the blog to document what I have accomplished and to tell stories and share cute pics of my kids! :-)
Last night at midnight, I was supposed to register for a really fun race. It fills up really fast. It is an all women's race. I had asked my sisters and my mom if they would come run it with me. They said yes, so I was in charge of registering everyone. Well, the last thing I remember was seeing the clock at 11:46pm and telling Jeff, "Don't you remember when I fell asleep last year instead of registering?" Luckily, last year, the computers were down, so I was able to register later in the day. This year, I wasn't so lucky. It filled up in an hour. I am so bummed. I do things like this, and I am trying to learn from them and not get so disappointed. Since I woke up at 5am with my contacts still in, I decided to be productive and have something to show for it!

So, here are our Halloween pics! We had a busy weekend, and a great time!

It started off with a hair cut for Emily. She has been begging me to cut it for over a year, but I was nervous to lose the curls. Well, I was wrong. The cut is perfect for her! Some of the Halloween pics will show it off better! The best part is that she loves it! She asks everyone if they noticed her hair!

We went to a Kids' Halloween Party at our local YMCA on Friday. Bryce refused to wear the Pikachu costume I had picked up from a person on Craigs' list at 7:30 that morning! I was a little frustrated but was able to get him in Superman. :-) The kids made cookies, fished for candy, ran through a little maze and tunnel, and played soccer. It was a good way to start the holiday. That night, a good friend of ours was watching our kids and had a darling Halloween party! So, obviously they didn't miss us. We went to a fun adults-only party/scavenger hunt! It was fun to dress up and be with friends.

On Saturday, Dallin had his last soccer game. I was sad to see this season end. It was a great learning experience for all of us. After finding out that I had mistakenly put Dallin on a first grade team instead of the team with all his buddies, he was very disappointed. We were able to get him on a second grade team after all and it ended up being fantastic! He had an awesome coach and he made 10 new friends. :-) I did not get to see either goal that he made, but I was happy for him nonetheless!

Saturday night, we went to the ward trunk or treat and then trick or treated in our own neighborhood. Bryce was so funny. He got very upset if a house didn't have their lights on and as such didn't have candy for him. He sprinted from house to house. He loved his pumpkin bag. (Thanks Mom!) We ended the night with apple cobbler and vanilla ice cream.

I will be adding in updates as I go. I will keep a running tab on the side with my updates. My blog is now my digital scrapbook. I think it is a great way to capture how I am feeling in the moment. Feel free to visit every day this month! I look forward to getting a lot done and remembering great and not so great times. :-)


Stephanie said...

Looks like funtivities at your house this past weekend! I love love love Emily's new hair cut. So darling!

Kristyn said...

Bummer about the race. I guess next year you are not allowed in bed before midnight! Cute Halloween pics, though!

ped crossing said...

You were so close! You just needed to keep chatting on FB with me. Bummer!

You do make a lovely biker chick though. :)

Jadie said...

looking forward to the daily updates! the kids look so cute in their costumes! (looove the pumpkin bags your mom made!!)

Angi and Jared Cowley said...

What were you and Jeff dressed as? I can't tell...

Kelly(M&M) said...

We were bikers! I loved Jeff's costume on him, ha ha!