Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grateful for great parents

As I left Jeff with the kids at the restaurant tonight because I am frustrated that they aren't responding the way I want, I have gained even more appreciation for my parents. They were 16 and 19 when they were married and ended up being married for 37 years. They were not perfect, but they were an amazing example of love, dedication, faith and perseverance. It is not easy being a parent, but they taught me that the most important relationship is that of husband and wife and then you can be united as parents. I am so impressed that they both broke the cycle of broken marriages(of their own parents) and found comfort in a secure relationship with one another.

I thought of their marriage and my relationship with my father as I attended the temple this morning. I am so grateful that he fulfilled his duty as a father. I learned so much from him- mostly patience and love. That is what he gave me unconditionally. I am grateful that I can still feel him close to me, being my personal cheerleader and helping me not give up when I get frustrated with my weaknesses.

I miss him every day, but especially today. I love you Dad!


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Stephanie said...

So sweet! Kelly, you look so much like your dad. Amazing really!

the emily said...

I've been freaking out about my 18-year-old niece getting engaged, but all of a sudden I feel better. :) I'm thankful for the same thing. Good parents are hard to come by, we were so lucky.

Suzie Petunia said...

I am so glad you feel him near. What a blessing. Be assured you have all of the traits yourself that you love about him!

I'm sorry I didn't call you yesterday.