Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for the beach

We had a very nice Thanksgiving with good friends. We did not take many pictures, but just enjoyed the time together chatting away while the kids played. We had a fantastic dinner, and I believe my first attempt at a turkey all by myself was a success! I also made the homemade rolls, and K made everything else. She is a fantastic cook and everything was yummy! She even made my favorite-banana cream pie- on a moment's notice. That brought back all of my favorite Thanksgiving memories. We missed being with family, but were grateful to share it with friends.

I am a little behind on posting because I am at my favorite place- the beach. It is gorgeous weather and it is just our little family. We are enjoying the time we have to relax and be together. The weather has been incredible and we are loving it! We are thankful for friends who share their amazing condo with us. I will share pictures when we get back home!

The beach has always been a special place to me because of the connection I feel with my dad when I am there. I am never happier or more at peace than when near an ocean. I also love how happy the kids are just playing in nature.

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