Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful for nice strangers

I love when my theory that people in general are kind hearted is proved true. Some examples: 1. I was taking Emily to a play and realized I needed cash. I had the baby with me, so I picked walgreens because the cashier is so close. As I bought a card and asked for cash back, he said the pin pad was broken. I kind of wear my emotions on my sleeves and blurted,"that is the reason I came here and now I need to take the baby somewhere else." he could see my frustration(along with the rest of the store" and realized he had a solution. He voided everything out and rook me to a different cashier spot. I was very grateful. Smallthing, but huge difference for me. 2. A new friend came over today to hold the baby so I could get some catch up time. It was great conversation getting to know her, and I got my floors clean. There are more but I am tired and need to go to bed!

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