Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thankful for Jeff

Today I taught (more like facilitated!) a class on Dating in Marriage. When I was given the assignment over a month ago, I felt a little inadequate. The focus was cheap, creative dates. I definitely can do the "cheap" part, but I don't think that Jeff and I are super creative or anything. But, when I thought about it, I realized that we have been pretty good about still having fun in our marriage. We have made sure to find ways to do things we love doing together or choosing something that the other person would really love to do. I am grateful that Jeff has made this a priority and I definitely think it has helped us grow stronger through the years. I loved the chance I have had over this month to think about some of my favorite dates with him. It made me appreciate and love him even more. Our marriage hasn't been perfect, but I know that we both are 100% committed and we still really enjoy being together!

Some of our favorite "dates"
1. Running on Saturday mornings while training for a race.
2. Jeff surprised me with chinese takeout and a romantic boat ride.
3. Kelly Clarkson concert
4. So you think you can dance
5. Cruises (my favorite kind of dates)
6. Laser Tag with other couples
7. Boating with other couples
8. Dance lessons
9. Jeff surprising me with tickets to Wicked for my 30th.
10. 49ers Rams football game
11. Wendy's and Johnny B's comedy club (1st date!)
12. Concerts for Jeff
13. Out to dinner by ourselves or with friends
14. Parasailing
15. Boogie boarding
16. Late Night with David Letterman
17. Broadway Plays
18. First art museum- the Met
19. BYU football games
20. BYU basketball games
21. Shakes at the malt shop
22. Temple
23. Out for lunch
24. Red Sox game
25. Magic Mountain

(Thanks to Oscarson Photography for the great pic of us! I love it!)

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Shelly said...

How fun! I love your picture!!! I love your blog posts! Thanks for sharing so openly!