Friday, November 23, 2007

100 Favorite Memories

I know it is sad that it has taken me over 2 years to get 100 posts! But here I am. I have been debating how to celebrate this milestone, and decided I want to share SOME of my favorite memories over the years. Here they are in no particular order (okay, the first ones might be!)

1. Marrying my best friend and the love of my life, Jeff, in the San Diego temple.
2. Birth of Dallin.
3. Birth of Emily.
4. Birth of Bryce. (This one was my favorite birth because even though they were all c-section, this was the only one where the baby was never separated from me. It was very special.)
5. Blessing of Bryce. (My dad being able to come out and be there.)
6. Playing in the ocean with my sisters. (As a kid!)
7. Going to the Rams/49ers game with Jeff when he was interviewing in San Francisco with Intel.
8. Learning to waterski at Lake Mead with Val. (And just hanging out on the boat there.)
9. Knotts Scary Farm my sophomore year of high school.
10. Lake Powell with my Glenwood friends. (and my sister.)
11. Staying up Christmas Eve playing games with my sister waiting for Santa to fill our stockings.
12. Going dancing with all of my sisters.
13. Going to Raging Waters with Erik.
14. Talking with Erik until 4am.
15. Lake Powell with Jeff twice in one summer before we were married.
16. Girls Camp- as a youth, and as a leader!
17. Pioneer Trek- Twice, this was a huge testimony builder for me.
18. Skiing with Jeff at Powder Mountain.
19. Jeff surprising me and taking me to the Timberline Lodge to stay overnight and ski.
20. Running a marathon with absolutely no sleep the night before with Suzie. (The chatting was with Sue too!)
21. 4th of July and Christmas family parties.
22. Running 20 miles and then waterskiing after!
23. Toilet Papering. (Many memories of this!)
24. Playing phase 10 and chatting til all hours of the morning with Leah, Sara, Amelia, Rachael, and Eva Joy!
25. My microbiology study friends- Ellen, Becca, and Erica.
26. Shopping in Seattle with some of my awesome girlfriends!
27. Beach House trips every year.
28. Camping Trips with friends.
29. Hood to Coast.
30. Lake Powell trips with Jeff's family.
31. Roller Blading on the waterfront with Adam and Kristyn.
32. My awesome running friends. (Lots of different women over the last 5 years!)
33. Cruise for our 5 year anniversary with my aunt and my sister.
34. Sneaking out of cross country camp.
35. Staying up talking about the gospel with my dad.
36. Chicago concert with Val.
37. Kelly Clarkson concert with Jeff.
38. So you think you can dance show with Jeff.
39. Saturday's Warrior- Being in the production with Laura.
40. Book Club Discussions late into the night.
41. The first time I rode on a boat with Girl Scouts.
42. YCamp.
43. Magic Mountain.
44. Disneyland with my whole family.
45. Crystal visiting us in Oregon.
46. Visitng Silver Falls with many members of our famly.
47. Playing at the park for hours with Suzie and our kiddos.
48. Swimming at Lake Powell.
49. Running through the sprinklers.
50. Running in a 10k with Shelly and Crystal with no training!
51. My first marathon.
52. St. George Marathon
53. Winning the Black History Bee in 5th grade. (very proud of this!)
54. Trips to Utah for reunions.
55. Stake dances with Joni, Steph, and Laura.
56. 70's dance at the Cannon Center at BYU.
57. My engagement at the Joseph Smith Building.
58. Hiking the Y with Jeff.
59. Zuka Juice with Jeff.
60. Jumping on the trampoline.
61. Sleeping on the trampoline and looking up at the stars.
62. Taking skiing lessons.
63. Bungee Jumping.
64. Cliff Diving.
65. Hiking Multnomah Falls 2 weeks after having a baby!
66. Running along the Columbia Gorge for a race. I wish they still had this race.
67. Provo Canyon.
68. Staying up late talking.
69. Teaching at the Upward Bound program at Colorado State.
70. Learning how to play Settlers of Catan.
71. Playing Settlers of Catan with many friends.
72. Teaching many friends how to play Settlers of Catan.
73. My first fight with Jeff- it was over Settlers of Catan. :-)
74. Falling off my bike. (Oh wait, that is not a favorite memory)
75. Emily's princess birthday.
76. Hanging out with neighbors in our front yard.
77. Hugs from my kiddos.
78. Feeling the love of my Heavenly Father.
79. Talking to my dad on the phone.
80. Buying our first house.
81. Reading the Harry Potter series along with Jeff.
82. Road trips with Jeff.
83. BYU football games.
84. BYU basketball games.
85. Cheering my sisters on.
86. BYU Freshman Leadership conference.
87. Being a counselor at BYU freshman leadership conference.
88. Being a sports and games counselor at a camp in the mountains.
89. Disneyland grad night with Val.
90. Having great seats to my first Red Sox game(when they were playing Seattle)
91. Playing with my kids.
92. Going on runs with Jeff.
93. Going to Miami with Jeff to visit my grandm, great grandma, and great uncle.
94. Living in Austin, TX for a summer.
95. Playing intramural indoor soccer.
96. My mom coming to visit and help me just because I was stressed out and nervous for my 3rd pregnancy.
97. Coming home to new floors and a finished play room(thanks Sue!)
98. Beach sunsets.
99. Just being with family these last few weeks.
100. Qualifying for Boston. (Oh wait, that is still just in my dreams!)

Okay, I have many more, but that is all for now. Good night. Thanks to everyone who has been an important part of my life. I love you all.


Valerie said...

I can't wait to do my 100 post!! I loved and enjoyed reading through your list and remembering all the good times we have had together! Especially Chicago!! I love you Kel! You are an awesome friend and a great mother and wife!

Team Hanni said...

I love it! What a great idea!

How old was your baby when you ran St. George? AND...... a C-section??? You are amazing.

So fun to get to know you a little better.

Rynell said...

What great memories! What a wonderful, rich memory-filled list.

emily said...

settelers of catan! i got that game for my birthday two years ago and we've still never played it because nobody can figure out how.

ellen said...

I made the list! woo-hoo, Miss you kelly

bedelia said...

Yeah, a marathon right after a c-section. After my c-sections, I swear it still hurts for 6 months...not bad just twinges every once in a while. I'm dying to run a marathon but I can't find the time to run.
And whatever happened to Eva Joy.