Sunday, November 11, 2007


I can't get my baby to sleep.

That's all.


bedelia said...

I know how that is. Good luck. Oh and I love reading your blog. I'm a huge blog reader and am always stalking people. Its nice to actually have known the person.

M&M said...

Hey Amelia! Nice to have you visit. It is time to start spreading the love!

1. You are so frickin' (like my Utah term) funny! I love making people laugh, but it is not one of my skills, so I really appreciate this in others.

2. You are not afraid to be yourself. My freshman year was a HUGE growing year for me as I learned a lot about who I was. I had spent so much time trying to be what everyone expected me to be. I love that you never worried about that. Thanks for setting this example for me at an important time in my life.

3. You are a great mother. I have enjoyed reading your blog and someday I hope to hear the whole story of how you and your hubby met. I always wondered what happened to you after the Glenhole. :-) It is great to see you are an awesome mom and still the same Amelia.

Now I owe foxontherun some love.


1. You are a beautiful decorator. Your house is one of my favorite to walk into because it feels comfortable, yet gorgeous!

2. You are competitive. You have pushed to be a better person and runner and I love that you are so dedicated. You so deserve your BQ!

3. You are a great mom to FIVE beautiful kids. You make it seem so effortless and I love learning things from you. I know we are at different stages of life, but yet so much is the same. I value your friendship.

Suzie Petunia said...

I hope he is sleeping better for you!

Leah Marie said...

Okay, so I don't have a baby, so this comment may be totally arbitrary...

I've heard that if you get baby washes with lavender or some other sleep inducing scent, and then bathe the baby right before bedtime that it helps. Some mothers swear by this. Like I said, having no babies myself, I've never tried it. ;-)

ped crossing said...

I hope it was a temporary thing. Maybe from the travel and everything. I hope there are sweet dreams tonight for everyone.