Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some of the fun times!

Hey everyone,

I will add pics througout the day today. Here is my first try at posting a video. I thought it would be fun for Jeff to see Bryce giggling.

Here are some pics. My sister and Tony have been awesome hosts. It has been great to visit with family.


Angi said...

I am happy to tell you, that Bryce has definately gotten some of your genes. He doesn't look as much like Jeff as Dallin or Emily. I showed Kimmy his picture and video, and she spelled out "I love Bryce" in drool!

ped crossing said...

Too cute. Sounds like today was a better day.

M&M said...

Angi- Alright, you finally have a blog!! Here are 3 things I love about you:

1. You are incredibly talented. You are an amazing seamstress and I love seeing your creations. Your Halloween costumes are always adorable. I think you should post pics of all of them!

2. You are very intelligent. I love having conversations with you because I learn so much from you. I would lose a debate hands down to you every time.

3. You are so much fun. I miss the old days at BYU from our friendship at the Glenwood to our first few married years. It has been a great ride with you.

Keep posting and I will add more, ha ha!

Amy- You are a great friend! I have not known you very long, but I can tell how much you care, Thannks for checking up on me.

JP said...

What adorable pictures!

I'm so glad there are the fun times for all of you to share.