Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My little Manipulator

Emily never ceases to make me smile. (Or frustrate me!) Her newest tactic is to make us feel guilty. She has been fighting going to bed for quite a while, so after talking to many of our friends, we decided the solution was to put a lock on the outside of her door. When she won't go to bed, we lock the door. This was working quite while and she stopped fighting us. Well, now when we tell her we are going to lock the door, she says,
"The mean stepmother locked Cinderella in the room."

Ouch! What do you say to that?! She said it to Jeff tonight and he handled it better than I did. He said,

"Emily, the stepmother was locking Cinderella in her room just to be mean. We are locking you in because you won't go to bed."

She still wasn't happy. I have a feeling she is going to give us a run for our money. She already has. :-)

Here is a pic of Emily on her birthday when I was in St. George for the marathon. My good friend, Heather, watched her and Dallin so Jeff and I could go to St. George. I LOVE this picture.


Team Hanni said...

She is good! I'm not sure I would know what to say back.

Thank goodness for Daddy. When it comes to exciting parenting moments, I'm so grateful for his help.

These little people are really quite smart and keep us on our toes. Thanks for the lock suggestion - I may have to try it!

ellen said...

Hilarious, she's too smart. We also do that to Abby, it's the only way that works for her.

ang said...

But she's so cute!

Sometimes I think that it's a good thing my little monster, I mean Kyah, is so darn cute. :)

bedelia said...

That's funny.