Friday, November 09, 2007

What Matters Most

I knew that this was something I would learn and think a lot about on this trip. I love being with family and strengthening those relationships. Yesterday I spent the day with my Aunt Marlynn and her family. She is one of the most amazing women I have ever known. She has 5 beautiful children and I have always looked to her as an example of a great mom. (She is also my favorite hairdresser!) She is beautiful, fun, loving, and selfless. It was fun to watch Emily and her little Nate together. She was a little bit of a stinker, and he wouldn't put up with her. Pretty funny!

I also spent time with my sister Shelly. I have always admired her for her commitment to her beliefs. She never questions, just does what she feels is right. We used to fight as kids, but I think we have learned to understand each other better as we have grown up. I hope that I can continue to build a relationship with her.

Today I was able to be with my mom and dad at my sister's place. I love how I feel when I am with them. It is just pure love. I feel such gratitude for these two people who gave everything they had to raise us 5 kids. (And we were not easy!) It is always a special time when I am with them. I am so happy to have this opportunity to be with them.

I miss Jeff and Dallin already. I love my little family and will be anxious for us to all be together again.

I am tired. i will add pics later. (Just wait until you see my cute hair!)

And by the way, I am surprised I came across as a strong person to anyone. Strong is not someone who crawls back in bed or surfs the internet for hours because they don't want to deal with life. I appreciate all the kind words.

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