Sunday, November 04, 2007

Update- Halloween, etc.

I know, it is a little late, but I couldn't get my camera to upload my pics. So, here goes.

We went to the "MIni Boo" at the YMCA. I mostly watched kids play on the mats in their costumes, which is so cute. That is one of my favorite parts of Halloween. I will never get tired of seeing Emily in her Belle dress. I love that she prances in it.

We went to a trunk or treat at the church. I ran into a friend who had run the St. George Marathon and we got to talking about it (imagine that?!) so I missed half of the trunk or treat. Dallin was not happy about that. But they sure did look cute.

(This is sweet baby Alice as a flower, not Bryce!)
I have been trying to get my kids to a pumpkin patch, and I finally did(the day before Halloween!). This pumpkin patch is particularly memorable because it is where Dallin broke his collar bone. :-( That was 2 years ago and I hadn't been back since. It is a cute pumpkin patch and we had a great time.

Finally, Halloween came, and unfortunately Emily was really sick. Jeff took Dallin to meet some buddies and he said they were speeding from house to house. Dallin wanted to be Flash again this year, and I wonder if it is because he thinks it actually makes him go faster! I did finally get Emily out for a few houses.

(This is Bryce as a cute doggy!)

All week Emily had a high fever. It was actually very scary and luckily I have a good friend who is a paramedic and helped me calm down and get her cooled off. We did not sleep hardly at all for 5 nights. Finally on Saturday her fever broke and we went to Princesses on Ice. The tickets were overpriced but the look on Emily's face was priceless. Thanks, Jeff, for being a good sport!

I am still Spreading the Love. It was so much to write things about my commenters. (It is also a sneaky way to get comments.) So, go ahead, comment away and I will write 3 things I love about you. If you have already commented, I will add one more. I think I am going to try to do this for all of November. We will see...It is fun. You guys try it too.


Suzie Petunia said...

Such cute Halloween pictures. You really got the most out of the holiday with all of the activities you went to! I love that picture of Alice - thanks for sending it to me.

katie said...

love the halloween pictures. I am sorry that she was so sick, i hate fevers. I hope everyone stays healthy. And princesses, oh my that is awesome

M&M said...

Suzie, here we go again!

You always look great. I am a little jealous of this to be honest. You are very well put together. Can you teach me?

M&M said...

Katie! I hope you come back to read this because it is fun to spread the love. Try it!!

1. You always know just what to say to me. I love getting an email from you or a long post that was obviously inspired. Thanks for staying close to the spirit.

2. Your house is beautifully decorated. I remember the feeling being in your home and I want my home to feel like that. I am working on it.

3. You are always striving to be better! But you take it one step at a time.