Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Airports are not for sissys

So, I finally had one of "those crying kids" on a plane and it was not fun. Emily decided to start screaming and refusing to wear her seatbelt. I felt helpless, but eventually I was able to calm her down.

I had a busy day trying to get all the last minute things done (and of course I threw in things that probably didn't need to be thrown in.) We hit traffic on the way there. Emily had to use the restroom and the worker sent me to the other side of the airport, so Emily was exhausted by the time we started walking to the gate. We barely made our plane. Then our luggage was not there. Ugh!

So, anyway, that's my day. I hope yours has been better. I am tired, and yes, I am backdating this since I am still awake and MY day is not over.

The good news is- 2 days without sugar!! How are the rest of you doing?


JP said...

um...I don't want to talk about it...

I hope today is better. I'm so sorry your trip was frustrating. Not that traveling with kids is ever EASY. But still...

ped crossing said...

At least you made it there in one piece, one exhausted piece.

Congrats on 2 days sugar free.

M&M said...

JP- What is going on? I know you can do this. You just need some "love." You adore your children and you are a great mom. I can tell this by what you write about them.

By the way, how did I miss that you are doing the blog challenge also? I will catch up on your posts!

Amy-You are very funny. I can't believe I haven't said this one yet.

JP said...

Seriously...could you BE ANY SWEETER? Thanks for the love. No seriously.

Sugar question: are you "letting" yourself have the artificial stuff? Is that what helps you through all this? I can't have any of the (it goes right through me) so I need a little help with that. Darn it!!