Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oops, Oops, and more oops!

Today was the great day of blunders. First off, I accidentally hit publish, so if anyone happens to be online and checking my blog, it will be blank-Oops!
Here are my oops in order of the day:

1. I wanted to take my kids to the Special Olympics Swim Meet. I looked up the address, and instead of the intersection being 185th, it was 158th, so we drove around in circles for half an hour-Oops!
2. I only knew the first name of the girl I wanted to see compete. I didn't even know which team she was swimming for. There was a lot of people there. We did find her, we didn't get to see her swim-Oops.
3. Got lost coming home- Oops.
4. BYU lost to Utah 48-24- Oops.
5. Jeff is gone and I didn't want to put the kids to bed. So, they went to bed at 9:30. Oops.
6. I needed to be working on my "free" snapfish album from Oprah. Oops.
7. Spent an hour trying to get the internet to work. Oops.
8. Finally worked on the book, but didn't realize a function of the program and wasted time fixing pictures. Oops.
9. Hit send at midnight and barely missed the deadline. Oops.
10. Started this post at 12:01am-oops!

The good news is, my kids loved cheering on ALL of the athletes, Bryce took a long nap so I was able to get a lot done in the way of organizing, I can backdate this post, and I hit send before the book was completely ready. So, now it will cost me $30, but the coupon at least made me get going on our family album. I am working on 2005 and it is 2008-oops!

Hopefully tomorrow will be less blunder-ful! (Yes, that is a terrible pun. I am tired, people!)


The Meier Family said...

I saw that on a sign yesterday on the game (there is no y in quest) and LOVED it! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, even though you hate my Utes! I am amazed at how many people avoided me today at church! ;)

Brittany said...

You crack me up Kelly! Not too many oops! I give you serious props for just attempting to take your kids to a swim meet, and for making your family book. Way too go! Look at the bright side... At least you were putting the effort forth and some good things did happen!

Leah Marie said...

At least you remembered to do your snapfish album, even if you were late. I totally forgot to do it, period.