Thursday, November 20, 2008

Movie night til 3am and Happy Birthday!

It is almost midnight, and my daughter is still awake. Unfortunately, she still has to be awake 3 more hours. I hope I can make it! I am having her tested tomorrow to make sure her seizures aren't epilepsy. She has to go in sleep deprived- a maximum of 4 hours of sleep. Wish me luck! I am trying to make it fun for her. She loves movies, so this is a real treat for her.

My "old"est sister Crystal turns 29 again today! I am glad I was able to celebrate with her last year, I wish I could be there this year. She is kind, thoughtful, generous, hilarious, beautiful, fun, smart, crazy and I am grateful to have her for my sister. People tell me that we look alike and I definitely take it as a compliment. I think she is beautiful! :-) She is an awesome mother, aunt, friend, sister, and daughter. My kids absolutely adore her. She has a huge heart and takes care of everyone around her, including the animals. She is the one who kept bringing stray cats into our house when we were kids. My dad always said he hated cats, but we know deep down he loved them. My favorite cat story is when Crystal was secretly feeding a stray cat, my dad kept spraying her with water to keep her away. One day Crystal let her in the house, and the cat was pregnant, so she ran into the closet and had her kittens. My dad let us keep her after that.

Her cat is missing today. Please pray that the cat returns. I am thinking of you Crystal! Happy Birthday, I love you!


Ranell said...

Wow, she is beautiful. And you look like twins! Hope your movie night goes well with Emily. I'm awake with my daughter, too, though for different reasons. Give me a call!

Suzie Petunia said...

You are BOTH beautiful and you DO look alike! She is missing her cat on her BIRTHDAY? That is just not fair. I hope he/she returns soon!

LCM said...

Poor Emily and you. Maddy had an EEG after a non febrile seizure and keeping her and me awake was awful! I almost fell asleep on the way home because we did it at the Kaiser Sunnyside. Good luck, I hope everything turns out okay.
oh and I hope your sister's cat returns, it's so sad when they go missing.

Erin said...

I hope everything went well with Emily this morning! I have had to keep both of my children up for various testing and its the hardest thing to do. I'm praying that everything turns out ok =) Happy B-day to your sister!! You both are GORGEOUS!!

Rebecca said...

Cute cute! Hey, we got our pictures at JCPenny. Fairly inexpensive if you do it right. Don't tell, K?! :)