Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Kelly Shopping Curse

I have always said that I am not a "typical" girl. I am very laid back and just like to do my own thing. I didn't like gossip and how mean girls seemed to be behind other girls' backs. I was never into name brands because I felt like all it did was show other people how much money you spent. I was always a no frills type of person. I didn't have a lot of money so I only bought what was necessary. (ie, I was cheap!) I didn't like wearing makeup because it always felt so thick on my face. Due to all of these reasons and more, I never became as proficient as a shopper as most of my peers did. Fast forward to adulthood, when I really can't avoid shopping.
Here are some of the things that happen to me when I go shopping(and add to my dislike of it):

1. I go to the grocery store, pull out a coupon, find out I am a day early (or a day late!) for the sale.
2. I go to the grocery store (we have 2 main ones in our town) and I pull out my coupon and realize I am in the wrong store! (And it is not the one that accepts customers' coupons.)
3. I wait to go shopping until I know EXACTLY what I am looking for, and inevitably it is the only row that is empty.
4. I get to the store and realize I don't have any credit cards with me.
5. I buy something that I think is the right size (for instance, a mirror for our living room), and I bring it home and it is not even close.
6. I bought 2 cute shirts for full price at Old Navy. The next week I run into someone who has one of them on. I say, "I loved that T-shirt too." and she says, "Yeah, isn't it great that they were only $5?!)" Turns out I bought them 2 days before the $5 sale!
7. I tell Jeff that for his birthday we are finally going to buy a nicer TV. We both decide that we still want it to fit in our entertainment center (which has doors that close.) We measure the width to be 35 3/4 inches. All of the 37inch TV's(they are measured on the diagonal) have widths that are right around 36 inches. The next size down is a 32 inch, which has a 31 inch width. We were so frustrated that we stopped looking for 8 months! This leads me to my next post...stay tuned...

1. Am I the only girl who doesn't like shopping?
2. Any shopping advice?


emily said...

If you don't like it you don't like it, but I can help with #6: price adjustment. Most stores will refund you the difference between the sale price and the original price if it's within 14 days!

Valerie said...

Well, if you lived closer to me, we could shop together and I could show you a thing or two....wait, I tried to shop with you for years and it never worked...nevermind!! But don't follow any of my just gets you into debt!

Leah Marie said...

I hate it too. You're not the only one.

Molly said...

Well, for not liking to shop you always look really cute Kelly! I love to shop but most of the time it's me finding really cute clothes saying "If only I had an extra 200 dollars".

Rachael said...

I HATE shopping for me, I detest it really. However, I could shop for my Baby Girl all day long.

ellen said...

I was also going to advocate the price adjustment (can you tell we're sisters?)

Kathy Rump said...

I love to shop. I loved it even more before having kids. Online shopping is the best- have you tried shopping that way?

Kelly(M&M) said...

So, I was nervous for this post because I know some of you are awesome shoppers and are always so put together. I'm just putting it all out there! (I hope you still like me after this month.)

Emily and Ellen- I said it was a week later, but it was probably closer to 2 weeks. But, one of the other reasons I don't like shopping is that I also don't like to drive. So, the idea of having to drive somewhere AGAIN for the same purchase makes me crazy! It is good to know that they will honor the sale. (This also means I have to know where the receipt is- ha ha!)

Val- You tried to teach me many things when we were young. Sorry it didn't work. :-) Your house is one of the cutest decorated I have seen- wish I had learned that from you! I wish you lived closer too.

Leah and Rachael- Yeah! Somehow I remembered this about you two. Amelia too? What about Sara? Maybe this was part of the reason we all got along so well freshman year!
(Rachael, I love buying clothes for Emily too- except she doesn't like the cute things I pick out- ugh!)

Molly and Kathy- You both are girls I thought of who are good shoppers and always look so cute! I do need to try the online thing. That might be right up my alley. I did buy my bathing suit online and love it!

Thanks for all the help, ladies!

Tiffany J said...

I don't love shopping either. I go only when I have something very specific in mind...I am either really excited because I find it (on sale, too) or more likely I am disappointed. I get obsessed with finding that one thing and make myself crazy.

Suzie Petunia said...

Two words: Online shopping. Or is that three? On Line Shopping? :)

Nichole said...

Shopping...I use to LOVE the word! But now I dread it...same expereinces as you...if I find something cute for me or the kids it is either not on sale (which is what I buy) or they don't have the right is sooooo frusturating! I think if we had all the $ to spend then it would be fun...oh that is probablly why I liked it when I was single..I just lived for me, Myself & I!!!