Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Oops...I need a do-over day!

Today was an emotionally charged day for many reasons- most of which I am not going to talk about- sorry! So, it is actually Wednesday morning but I am posting for Tuesday. I am ready for the clean slate. I will talk about my plan for the year later on today.

As with the rest of the country, I was glued to my TV and internet. I am grateful the election is over and I am ready to see the "Big Change" that has been promised. :-) Will he live up to his campaign promise? Only time will tell. I hope as a nation we can come together. I was impressed with John McCain's concession speech. I hope we can all be as willing to support the new president. I know I am. Let's roll.


JP said...

Clean slate...good plan, my friend.

Yesterday was so charged, was it not? Hope today is a little more calm.

Reb said...

Kudos to John McCain's speach. Congrats to Obama. I didn't voe for him, but I think it's awesome to see history unfold like this.