Monday, November 24, 2008


After staying up until 3am on Thursday night and then having a date right before the movie, I shouldn't have been too surprised when I fell asleep at the end of Twilight on Friday! (I am known for falling asleep during movies at home, but rarely at the theater!) I was really enjoying it, my eyes just refused to stay open. I was a little bummed, but decided it was fine. So, tonight when Ranell invited me to go again, and Jeff gave the go ahead, I decided to head out!

Today was less eventful than yesterday, thank goodness. Good old Monday laundry day and just hanging out with the kids. On Mondays our new schedule is to go to Emily's swim lessons and Bryce and I hang out in the shallow end. Then Emily joins us after her class. It is a lot of fun! Bryce is a water baby just like the other too. Even though I don't love being in a bathing suit, and it is a pain to get them dressed after, I am always glad that I went!

Favorite comment of the day- I asked Dallin if he liked his sandwich and his eyes lit up and he got really excited and said, "I loved it Mom! I always love it when you make YOUR bread!" So, I think this is the second time I have made him a sandwich on my homemade bread. Do you think I need to do it more? :-)

Off to Twilight...


emily said...

it's official. I am the only woman in the world who hasn't seen this movie and now you're seeing it TWICE!

Smith's said...

Hey nice to hear from you. You are a such a motivated mommy! I wish I liked to run. So I saw your post on the biggest loser- Erin and I have to talk about it after its on. I told her I wasn't going to watch it anymore until the finale because the mean girls get me so mad - Erin doesn't believe me which she is probably 100% right I am sure knowing its on tonight and I'm home It will drive me nuts not to turn it on....Take care- oh you can watch the last episode on after tonight they will run last weeks for a week.

JP said... I don't feel so bad to be planning to see it again tomorrow. :)

I'm actually looking forward to seeing it WITHOUT all the sqealing girls. can hope, that is.

Suzie Petunia said...

I totally would have gone with you!