Sunday, November 16, 2008

Putting down roots

We have lived in our little town for almost 8 years. We feel so blessed to be here. We love the tree-lined streets, close knit community and especially our neighbors. Without family close, we really depend on our friends and neighbors to help us out, and we try to do the same for them. When we moved into our house, our plan was to live here 7-10 years. It has definitely served us well. I love how open the floor plan is, and over the years we have tried to move things around to fit our needs. The only thing that I have never liked about the house is the yard. It is teeny tiny and there is no where for our kids to run around. On the other hand, just out the front door is a great semi cul-de-sac for riding bikes. It has been wonderful! So, we are in the process of deciding what the next step is. I have never felt I needed a HUGE house (I can barely clean the one I have!), but I would like to find a house that fits our needs a little better, especially for the boat and my kids to have space to be kids.

So, tell me what you love about your house, neighborhood, etc? What would you do differently?

Edited to add: I forgot my new section! Jeff and I went through our closets today and got rid of anything we hadn't worn in a year- woo hoo!


LCM said...

I am not sure there is anything we would do differently. We are on the corner of a double cul de sac. Our house is all one level because I don't do stairs well, especially in the middle of the night. We have plenty of room and the back of the school is just across the street. I love our pool in the back. Our neighborhood is close to everything without being in the middle of it. It is a tough thing about your yard, but more than half of the time our tiny yard was just a big pile of mud and playing on the sidewalk and in the driveway was a much better idea.
PS, if you want, I can send you my address and you can go to maps at google and actually see my house, which is kind of weird.

ped crossing said...

I love the location of my house. And that the backyard is a decent size.

Most of the rest of the house is a work in progress.

I would definitely look for a circular traffic pattern. It makes it so easy for the kids to run around and play.

emily said...

we live in a condo development. not my first choice, but it was cheap, and we don't have to worry about yard upkeep, snow removal, and we have a pool and tennis courts and basketball courts. But with two little boys, we could really use some yard space. it would be nice to have a fenced backyard to send them out in every now and then.

Brittany said...

Kelly you really are in a great location... I love your house, but I understand needing more room as your family grows.