Saturday, November 08, 2008

So thankful for Bryce

I was trying to decide what to blog about when I came across this picture on my amazing friend and photographer, Lisa Dillon's blog. She truly captured Bryce's inquisitive personality. I had to put the picture up and talk about my sweet baby boy.

As many of you know, Bryce is our little miracle. All babies are gifts from God, but Bryce was truly a surprise. After needing fertility meds for the first 2 babies, we thought we were done. (Ask Angi about the email I sent her the DAY before I found out I was pregant- it said Congratulations on your new pregnancy, sorry I won't be having one at the same time! Turns out we had our babies 9 days apart! Tells you how clueless I really was.)

Bryce has been a tough baby for me because he is a little more clingy than the others(okay, a LOT more clingy!). At a time when I thought all I needed was space, maybe Heavenly Father knew better that what I actually needed was to have a focus and take care of this baby. If Bryce hadn't been there each and every moment, clamoring for my attention, maybe I would have curled in a ball and laid in bed. Emily and Dallin would have been happy to watch TV and video games for hours while I laid on the couch all day, but Bryce would not let that happen for an instant. He has given me the reason to get through each day when all I wanted to do was cry.

His birth and baby blessing brought my ailing father out here at a time that he probably wouldn't have come otherwise. I was able to have many happy memories that I cherish and hold close to my heart. Even 2 weeks later, my dad wouldn't have been physically able to make the trip. I am also glad I was able to share Bryce with my father, even for a short few months. I will try hard to keep those memories alive with Bryce as he is growing up.

Bryce's middle name is Thomas after my dad I would love to see him take on his qualities. So, far Bryce has shown himself to be quite ambitious. He wants to be bigger than he is and is anxious to learn the next thing. He is a very cuddly little boy but when he is ready to run, don't stand in his way! He looks at locks as a challenge for him to figure out. He is a sweet baby who loves dogs and is trying hard to talk but doesn't get much out- yet! I have spent many many hours holding him and he has been a comfort and a strength to me. He is very playful- just like my dad! He especially loves playing with Jeff. He has no fear as he is learning new skills. He makes me smile just watching him play and interact with others. I just adore this little boy and I am grateful for my surprise.


katie said...

I know exactly what you mean. I know that Jace is my Tender Mercy from a loving Heavenly Father who knew the trials and the heartache I would endure while pregnant with him.

I loved this post. He is darling

Kathy Rump said...

He is a special gift given to you when you didn't know you needed one! Children are amazing, complicated little bundles of joy.

Suzie Petunia said...

Best_surprise_ever! I'll never forget the moment you told me you were expecting him! He's such a cute little guy! I just love him.

Lisa Dillon said...

What a cute boy! :)

Jadie said...

That was a beautiful post! What an interesting perspective on the timing of Bryce's birth. I have no doubt that wasn't coincidental either.

Angi and Jared Cowley said...

Yeah for twinner babies! Time to have another one!! Cause if you do, then I can...:)